Delivering datacenter solutions and white glove service that drives value for your business

Manage your complex IT infrastructure and operations securely, cost effectively and worry free.


Whether you’re looking for colocation services, virtual or physical server hosting, robust disaster recovery, or sophisticated private and hybrid cloud solutions, you’ve come to the right place: SolidSpace. We're passionate about customer support. Downright tenacious, you might say. All our offerings are wrapped in our industry-leading, white glove service.

Our Strengths, Your Benefits

Solid as a rock

Our state-of-the-art datacenter features redundant 10Gbps bandwidth connections, gas fire suppression, N+1 environmental systems and two factor biometric security.


Eliminate capital expenditures in equipment and bricks and mortar—focus internal IT resources to support your core business.

Ideally located

Winston-Salem, North Carolina has moderate year-round temperatures, low risk of natural disasters, and affordable power. It’s also the choice of leading datacenter location choice of global technology companies, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Scalable, agile

Your custom-designed solutions perform at peak efficiency as your workloads change or increase.

Heavy-duty power capacity

Redundant utility connections, UPSs, PDUs, and generators provide N+2 power.

Secure and pro-actively managed

Our always-on response team monitors your systems 24/7 to ensure uptime on a hardened, secure platform.

White-Glove support

Tier 3 technicians handle any issue or project from start to finish—you’ll never be transferred to junior level staff.