Customer-centric culture. Dedicated service.
The know-how to tackle your biggest business challenges.

Who We Are

SolidSpace is a leading datacenter provider and information technology company, dedicated to delivering practical and cost effective solutions to customers.  We’re committed to the IT health and success of your business.  And we take pride in offering you the best, most up-to-date facilities and services available.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets SolidSpace apart from the pack of IT providers?   Most providers neglect the most important element—the human element. But at SolidSpace, we place people first and foremost.  Our staff is your loyal IT partner, offering intelligent and pragmatic advice.  We work collaboratively with your in-house IT team, freeing them to do their best work.

Customer service is part of our DNA.

We offer our best thinking, tailored to your situation.
You won’t get recycled ideas or one-size-fits-all solutions from us.


We have a strong group of business and technology professionals who understand the challenges companies face.  Our steady, insightful leaders have decades of technical expertise—and an intense commitment to customer service.

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Become a Partner

Partner with a premier IT datacenter to bring you the highest quality products and services to enhance your business.  Learn more about our partners’ well-known, comprehensive, and affordable brands.

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We’re recognized for helping organizations implement the right strategies and tactics to meet their technology challenges.  Read what the media and industry experts say about SolidSpace.

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Looking to join a terrific team of smart, collaborative IT professionals?  If so, look to us for a rewarding career.

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