Private and Hybrid Clouds

Evolving your datacenter into the cloud? 
Your critical technology, assets, and data are
secure with SolidSpace.

We know that no two companies are created alike, just as no two clouds are created alike.
Whatever your cloud model, we know that security, privacy, uptime, scalability, and infrastructure control are paramount.When you choose SolidSpace, you’ll be confident that we deliver maximum levels of performance and tenacious support.

Whether your business is large or small, SolidSpace offers the right cloud architecture for your needs.

SolidSpace cloud solutions are built on enterprise-grade technology, such as VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, SolusVM, and CloudBerry--and on Public Cloud technology from providers such as Amazon Web services and Microsoft Cloud Azure. With SolidSpace cloud solutions, our top-notch support team serves you--tenaciously.

Private Cloud

A single-tenant environment, built with dedicated hardware and security, delivers optimum benefits.

  • Security and compliance– Get multi-layered security, designed meet the most stringent regulatory compliance or privacy concerns. Your data is hosted on physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers.
  • Guaranteed performance– Use resources allotted only for your organization, offering the highest network speeds.
  • Customization – Enjoy dedicated storage and network capacity, designed to meet your business needs.
  • Test, application development, and staging environments – Configure an environment suited for your specific requirements and projects.
  • Reduced risk – Choose the right architecture for disaster recovery and high availability servers.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine public and private clouds for the best of all worlds.

  • Security – Store sensitive data, compliance information, and intellectual property in a private cloud, less critical data in a public one. Mix and match your systems by hosting Enterprise Resource Planning software in a private cloud and digital distribution applications in a public cloud.
  • Flexibility – Move assets seamlessly from one cloud to another.
  • Scalability – Increase or change your cloud use as your business needs evolve.
  • Reduced risk, increased redundancy – Use private and public clouds protected by real-time replication of data and applications.  Move beyond traditional methods of disaster recovery with DRaaS–for greater protection, performance, and rapid and immediate recovery.
  • Efficient resource utilization – Allocate workloads and load balance traffic flows, depending upon usage.
  • Cost effectiveness – Eliminate capital expenditures in equipment and bricks and mortar.