Service Legal Agreement

SolidSpace SLA covers all SLA infractions specific to Standard Cloud and Colocation Services:

Network and Infrastructure Uptime Guarantee-

SolidSpace guarantees a datacenter network availability of 99.999% uptime in any given month. This means that the core networking components within our datacenter are available through a global internet 99.999% of the time. We guarantee that the datacenter, HVAC and Power into the datacenter, UPS’s, ATS’s and Generators will be functioning 99.999% of the time in any given month. Infrastructure power is defined as the failure of core infrastructure components providing power to an entire or a specific portion of a datacenter, such as but not limited to HVAC, ATS, UPS and Generator power. Network uptime is defined as our major networking components serving packets within our network being accessible from the global internet 99.999% of the time.

Customers must meet SLA eligibility requirements listed below for any SLA credits to be granted.

Any SLA infraction for network and infrastructure uptime above will be met with the SLA credits below. * please see below for any specific exclusions*

● 0-30 minutes: No Credit

● 30-60 minutes: 3% of solely affected monthly service base fee, excluding unaffected services

● Each additional 60 minutes; 3% of solely affected monthly service base fee, excluding any add-on services, not to exceed 50% of one month’s base fee.

SolidSpace Network and Infrastructure Uptime exclusions –

The following are exclusions from SolidSpace Network Uptime Guarantees:

● Inbound routes specific to an end user

● Providers outside of our physical buildings

● Scheduled Network Maintenance

● Scheduled Rack Maintenance

● Scheduled Facility Maintenance including (HVAC, Generators, ATS, Circuits, Delivered power)

● Legal Actions resulting in suspension, termination or service availability to your individual services.

● SLA infraction credits will not be issued to any customer who directly or indirectly caused the SLA infraction to occur.

● SLA credits will not be issued to any customer in breach of Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy or due to force majeure.

● SLA credits are specific to the affected service only.

SolidSpace SLA Applicability:

All SLA infraction requests must meet the following criteria:

● SLA credits are specific to the individual service monthly base fee being purchased correlating to the SLA infraction.

● SLA credits are required to be submitted to the billing department via the customer portal or emailed to the billing department within 5 days of the infraction.

● A ticket number must be included or provided to verify the SLA infraction.

● SLA credits will only be issued to customers in good financial standing.

● SLA credits will be issued as a credit onto your SolidSpace Account within 90 days of your request. These credits will be applied to the next generated invoices from SolidSpace Account until the credit has been fully used.

● SLA infraction credits are not eligible for any of the listed exclusions above.